DORO - review added 20th January 2009

Album Review: True At Heart (1991)

For fans of: hard rock... and utterly annoying songs about tarot cards

Doro - True At HeartYou wonder if Doro was all rocked out by the time she came to True At Heart. There are way too many introspective moments about loves lost and temporarily missing. Doro is at her best when she's wailing like a carefree banshee over the top of screaming guitars. Mostly, on True At Heart, her wail has been harpooned somewhere in the pacific.

There are a few brighter moments amongst the angst and atmosphere vacuuming. 'Heart Shaped Tattoo' is a speaker melter with a chugging sleazy riff. 'I'll Make It On My Own' and 'Gettin Nowhere Without You' both tend towards the whining end of the scale, but the choruses are so catchy they earn forgiveness.

A mildly disappointing album, True At Heart contains plenty of good tracks but is spoiled by the ridiculous 'The Fortuneteller' and the overindulgence of moaning throughout. Oi Doro, cheer up!

Check out... 'I Know You By Heart'. A haunting sorrow-fuelled ballad. Possibly Doro's finest song ever.

Track List:

1. Cool Love
2. You Gonna Break My Heart
3. Even Angels Cry
4. The Fortuneteller
5. Live It
6. Fall For Me Again
7. Heart shaped Tattoo
8. With The Wave Of Your Hand
9. Hear Me
10. I´ll Make It On My Own
11. Gettin´ Nowhere Without You
12. I Know You By Heart

Band websites: Doro Pesch , MySpace

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