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Album Review: Riot Kings (self-titled) (2010)

For fans of: Heavy Rock... and a nasty King of Clubs

Riot Kings - Riot Kings (self-titled)Bridgeport, Connecticut rockers Riot Kings - Kent on vocals, Marc on guitars, Bones on drums, and Keith on bass - have barely been going for a year, but already have this debut full length album out.

Their sound is a mixture of Southern U.S. hard rock, grunge, straight ahead heavy metal, and even a bit of funk. This is clearly a versatile band, and it would be fair to say they have more than a bit of talent between them.

Kent's vocals really are potent. He perhaps lacks originality - sounding like a mish-mash of several other singers - but the people he is similar to are big names and bloody good. The musicianship is first class too. There isn't a lot to blow you away, but it's flawless and does occasionally manage to venture into excellence.

The songs, especially the lyrics, are good, although only a couple take a step towards brilliance. 'Save Me' is a beast. The heavy ballad 'Weak and Divine' - already with a video to its name - is superb and really shows off those vocals. The LOUD 'The Past' is staggeringly cool. The splendid 'Holy Christian Bible Rocket' really sounds like Chickenfoot. Hmmm...

Overall this is a decent-enough album that shows big future potential. The songs are great in places, and forgettable in others. If Riot Kings can focus their sound and home in on that heavier, accessible vibe they touch on occasionally, they really could create something remarkable.

Check out... 'The Past'

Track List:

01. Death Valley
02. Save Me
03. Weak and Divine
04. Killing Time
05. The Past
06. Hypocrisy
07. Holy Christian Bible Rocket
08. Lift Off
09. Guillotine
10. Overconsumism

Artist's website(s): MySpace

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