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Album Review: Into The Wild (2011)

For fans of: Classic Hard Rock

Uriah Heep - Into The WildSeminal UK rock act Uriah Heep debuted in 1970 with "Very 'eavy... Very 'umble" and have since put away more than 30 millions albums worldwide. Not bad for a band considered a "cult act".

"Into The Wild" is, amazingly, their 23rd studio album. It's also rather splendid. Featuring eleven new songs of classic tinged hard rock, it's a really enjoyable release that tingles the ears with as much aplomb as it doesn't tax the brain: this is a back-to-basics album that's focused purely on listening pleasure. Nothing else. The way that modern and retro are interwoven is genius, and the way it gets under your skin and into your mind is, er, worrying.

Opener 'Nail On The Head' sums it up perfectly. It's just as easy to imagine a pub band playing the track as it is this world-class outfit. There's a real skill in making complex music sound simple and accessible, and Uriah Heep are clearly the daddies.

In Summation:

And so it goes on... the beauty of "Into The Wild" is it's wonderful simplicity. It doesn't push the boundaries, rather refines them to a near perfect level. This is an album that'll be hard to remove from the CD player once it's in there.

Song Writing:

Overall (Not An Average Of The Above):




Track List:

01. Nail On The Head
02. I Can See You
03. Into The Wild
04. Money Talk
05. I'm Ready
06. Trail Of Diamonds
07. Southern Star
08. Believe
09. Lost
10. T-Bird Angel
11. Kiss Of Freedom


Mick Box : Guitars, Vocals
Trevor Bolder: Bass, Vocals
Russell Gilbrook: Drums Vocals
Phil Lanzon: Keyboards, Vocals
Bernie Shaw: Lead Vocals

Other Info:


Label: Frontiers Records
Artist's website(s): Uriah Heep | MySpace | Facebook

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