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DVD Review: Get Your Buzz On Live (2010)

For fans of: Hard Rock... and super groups live.

Chickenfoot - Get Your Buzz On LiveChickenfoot. Amazing line-up. Good music. Silly name.

We reviewed the deluxe-edition of their self-titled album late last year here and came away impressed...if with a modicum of disappointment the collective skills of Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith, and Joe Satriani hadn't produced something literally perfect.

This DVD, recorded on the band's 2009 tour at Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona, isn't going to change that. Apart from the odd cover or two, this is still the same music you heard on the CD. However, what this DVD does bring is the visuals to back up the audio.

This is a stunningly colourful, beautifully filmed show with sound quality that outdoes many studio albums. In fact it really isn't that far behind the original Chickenfoot LP. What sort of soundboard they had for this event I have no idea, but it certainly earned it's keep!

The performances are as you would expect. Sammy acts like the world's best front man (which he arguably is), Michael adds his brilliantly funky bass and superb back-up vocals, Chad plays drums like a man possessed, and Joe does a good job of showing why he's basically the finest guitarist there is.

Downsides? There aren't any really. The DVD adds nothing to and takes nothing away from the quality of the original album. It is merely a different way of experiencing it. The documentary deserves special mention because, well, it's hilarious. Seriously. Best documentary I've seen on one of these rock DVDs. There's even a bit of Spinal Tap on it.

Overall, Get Your Buzz On Live is worth the money alone for the show, and worth the money alone for the documentary. Add 'em together, and you've got a winner.

Check out...That documentary!

DVD Listing:

1. Avenida Revolution
2. Sexy Little Thing
3. Soap On A Rope
4. My Kinda Girl
5. Down The Drain
6. Bitten By The Wolf
7. Oh Yeah
8. Learnin' To Fall
9. Get It Up
10. Turnin' Left
11. Future In The Past
12. Bad Motor Scooter
13. My Generation

Bonus Materials:

Label: DC3 Global
Artist's website(s): Chickenfoot , MySpace

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