Top 10 Rock Songs of All Time

Rock songs have been a part of our culture since the 1940’s. We have all grown up dreaming of meeting rock stars and some of us even being rock stars. Rock has always been approached with curiosity by the virgin ear and love and dedication by rock fans. The melodies created by rock are majorly based on the electric guitar, electric bass guitar and drums. Lyrics in rock cover a wide variety of topics from love to pain from loss to virtually any social or political theme. Rock in the late 60’s (the golden age period) branched into a number of sub-genres like jazz rock and raga rock to raw energetic punk rock that started in the 1970’s because of the mainstreaming of rock genres. Great rock songs have a way of invoking great emotions in us and leavening us with melodies and memorable lyrics that replay in our minds.

To a lot of people a combination of a beautiful melodies and the right lyrics, delivered with great vocals and deep clear emotions makes a great song. Only once in while do we get to find this combination of talents in the right quantities and when these talents work together they make songs that years later when that song comes on, you remember where you were when you heard it first and moments you shared rocking to those songs.

10. Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
“If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me?” opens this song. With a guitar solo that was ranked number 3 in the Guitar World’s 100 Greatest Guitar Solos, this song is easily one of Lynyrd Skynyrd best songs. They usually performed it at the end of the show and sometimes even lasted for as long as 14 minutes.The song has been featured in a number of recent films and video games.

9. Enter Sandman – Metallica
MetallicaReleased in 1991 and usually described as the first metal lullaby, Enter Sandman lyrics deal with nightmares, written by vocalist Hetfield, The song sold over 30 million copies and made Metallica popular worldwide.

8. Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry
With a catchy and memorable tune, Chuck Berry talks about am illiterate boy who plays the guitar and might one day be great and have his name in the lights.

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
This songs popularity helped to push the album Nevermind to the top of the charts becoming number 6 in the Billboard. The song has been covered by many artists.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Written in 1975,the song is a combination of an intro, a ballad, an operatic passage, hard rock part and a reflective coda with no chorus. It is one of UK’s best selling singles.

5. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppling
Released in 1971, the song starts with slow acoustics and then introduces electric instruments. In the 1970s, it was heavily requested in radio stations in the US.

4. Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
It was released in 1966 and became an instant hit, the song was progressively made and the Beach boys got a Grammy nomination in 1966 for Best Vocal Group Performance. The song is in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

John Lennon3. Imagine – John Lennon
This song encourages humanity and describes an ideal life with no division or hatred a less materialist people. It has been ranked number 30 in the Recording Industry Association of America’s 365 songs of the century.

2. (I cant get no) satisfaction – The rolling stones
Written by Mick Jagger, the songs lyrics focus on frustrations and capitalism that seeks to benefit oneself while exploiting others.

1. I like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan
Released in 1965 this classic rock was ranked by the Rolling Stones as number one in the list of the greatest songs of all time.

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